Ownership NFT

What and why

Obtaining the Ownership NFT is the first step to start your journey with Curra. This token serves as a personal identifier and a key for you to gain access to Curra protocol.

The Ownership NFT offers the following advantages:

  • Only the NFT owner can communicate with the protocol and its participants.
  • Only the NFT owner can change forwarding rules.
  • Crosschain: the protocol operates on NFT numeric IDs instead of addresses, which can differ on multiple blockchains.
  • NFT IDs are used as a salt when generating deterministic forwarding addresses and are the backbone of the protocol security.


  • NFTs can be transferred to other addresses, including smart contract wallets such as ChainSafe.
  • A single account can possess multiple NFTs.
  • NFTs can be staked or swapped on any protocol that supports ERC721 tokens.
  • Tokens can be transferred to other accounts, unlike common crypto accounts/addresses where private keys cannot be rotated or regenerated.

How to obtain

Here are few ways:

After NFT is minted you can get Ownership NFT ID on Curra application via wallet modal:

where to get ownership id