Our vision is to mainstream adoption of crypto payments for businesses. To achieve this, we offer infrastructure-based pricing model, without any volume-based fees. We believe that blockchain is a technology that business should interact without intermediaries.

Base Cost: $ 750.00 / month

Which includes 5000 indexed Proxy Wallets + $ 25.00 for next 1000 indexed Proxy Wallets.

We offer special pricing tailored to the needs of institutions processing a significant amount of crypto.

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How to calculate?

You run a crypto exchange with 50,000 active users, and allocated Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain Proxy Wallets for each user via Curra.

Total usage: 100,000 Indexed Proxy Wallets.

Total monthly cost: $ 3,125.00 *Base fee + Additional Proxy Wallets fee ($ 25 * 95000/1000 = $ 2,375)

With 2,000 monthly deposits you can save up to $ 12,660 on Gas. Resulting monthly savings, connecting Curra: $ 9,475

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