to the new era of payments!
Curra is an innovative non-custodial toolset for high-volumed crypto businesses to reduce processing costs and delegate infrastructure maintenance, working with crypto payments.

Best for:

  • Crypto exchanges.
  • Crypto processing providers.
  • Fiat PSP's.
  • P2P Services.
Whether you have custom in-house software or use popular third-party custodian, Curra can still benefit your business, maximising security while minimising costs


High-optimised and non-custodial solution to save up to 84% on Gas, accepting crypto payments across EVM-compatible blockchains.
Vortex by Curra is the most gas-optimized solution to accept crypto payments for EVM-compatible blockchains. It employs highly optimized proxy wallets, reducing the average gas usage for forwarding assets to an Omnibus account from ~86,000 Gas to just ~11,000 Gas per transaction.
E.g. this results in on a savings for of approximately $63,300, in equivalent of ETH, on each 10,000 incoming USDT ERC20 payments.

TRX Refrigerator (Available soon)

TRX Refrigerator can help you efficiently manage Energy and Bandwidth to accept payments on Tron blockchain with almost zero cost.

If you need details on a specific API endpoint, peruse our API Reference section for details on headers, query parameters, body parameters, response types, etc.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Curra. Our documentation is a humble work in progress and your constructive feedback is always appreciated.
Curra Team
Last modified 2mo ago