Gas Pump

Curra doesn't charge any processing fees, meaning you pay only native blockchain network fees, that we reduced as much as possible.

All the assets, received to proxy wallets will be forwarded to your omnibus wallets, specified in Rules smart contract.

To make it work you have to fill Gas Pump balance with native coins (e.g ETH for Ethereum blockchain) to cover all the blockchain fees (pay for Gas). Balance can be filled using the Curra App, sending coins to allocated address.

With Curra it can be as low as 11,000 Gas ~ $0.95, which gives you $6.33 in ETH equivalent savings on each incoming payment, with bundles enabled.

Processing of the first deposit to newly created wallet costs a bit more with Vortex, because it includes not only assets transfer, but also activation (Forwarder contract deployment to this address). Activation cost: 32,000 Gas ~ $ 2.77.

Keep in mind, we use CREATE2 algorithm, that allows you to pre-calculate address of proxy wallet, so "activation" occurs only after first incoming payment to this wallet.

So you can allocate unlimited amount of wallets to your users, and activate it only on first deposit to this address.

Bundles (batch transactions)

In order to reduce your expenses you can enable bundles on the configuration page. After bundles are enabled, Curra waits for certain amount of incoming payments to your proxy wallets and transfers them within a single transaction, significantly reducing fees.

Recommended bundle size is – 15 transactions, but you can configure it, depending on your needs.

Set gas price limits

Average gas price to send transaction sometimes can be volatile, thus you can use gas price limit functionality. It constantly monitor average gas price and initiate forwarding from proxy wallets only if price is lower than specified amount.

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