What is Curra?


Curra is a pioneer to process crypto payments in a trustless and decentralized manner. On-chain protocol architecture, eliminates the need for costly and complex custodial solutions, providing merchants and custodians a variety of features to accept crypto without centralized intermediaries.


Curra leverages an on-chain protocol to replace the centralized nature of crypto processing. Through smart contracts within the protocol, we guarantee that all funds belong solely to you. At every stage of the processing, you maintain full ownership of your client's funds, with no intermediaries involved. All assets are securely directed straight to your wallet.

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Low costs

At present, the majority of cryptocurrency processing providers are costly, charging significantly higher fees than their actual expenses. However, Curra offers a different approach. With Curra, you only pay for the blockchain transaction fees, regardless of the transaction amount. Moreover, Curra utilizes advanced smart contracts that are highly optimized for gas consumption and incorporates various cost-saving methods available in the field. We are continuously working on further optimization and innovation in this area.

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Our feature set is designed to cater to two specific groups: merchants seeking to accept crypto payments and custody builders focused on developing secure and fast blockchain applications.

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Curra is compatible with multiple blockchains, offering you the flexibility to process a wide range of assets. You have the freedom to process any assets you desire, including the option to handle your own custom tokens.

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Easy integration

Curra offers developers an API and SDK to simplify the integration of new blockchains. Through a unified and streamlined interface, developers can seamlessly integrate with Curra across various blockchains.