Forwarding payments



Notification sent when balance of a receive address is forwarded to a configured wallet

🔄 Retries

Curra will try to notify you 10 times in case your server response status isn't 2xx


You can set your server URL on the notifications page to start receiving incomes notifications:


Webhook payload

method: POST


  • content-type: application/json


* - non-optional field

Key Type Description
id string* unique identifier
toAddress value: string*
uniqueId: string*
meta: string
value – receive address
uniqueId - uniqueId provided on address creation, generated if not provided
meta – meta provided on address creation
id string* unique identifier
fromAddress string* sender address
valueUnits string* payment amount in units
value string* payment amount in decimal format
blockchain string* available values at "API value" column here
fromAddress string* sender address
block number* block number in which payment was mined
txHash string* trasaction hash
confirmations number* blockchain confirmations count
assetId string* asset id of a payment
status string*
"pending" or "success"
pending – payment is not confirmed yet
success - payment confirmed on the address
subStatus string* blockchain-specific status, can be used in informational purposes
statusDescription string* human-readable description of status field


	"id": 99,
	"toAddress": {
		"value": "0xf51eb0786cbdb8eb6e8175f0f32ecf90b04ceb84",
		"uniqueId": "unique id you specified when address was created or default one",
		"meta": "meta you specified when address was created"
	"value": "1.0",
	"valueUnits": "1000000000000000000",
	"blockchain": "ETHEREUM",
	"fromAddress": "0x67b1d87101671b127f5f8714789c7192f7ad340e",
	"block": 171,
	"txHash": "0x0b15d671d9fe9cfe110c2d3a03867cc0525f6aeee45fe21ff66d07e0fd38ef46",
	"confirmations": 21,
	"assetId": "asset-id-123-123",
	"status": "success",
	"subStatus": "forwarded",
	"statusDescription": "Waiting for confirmations"