Allocate time-limited address 🔜


time limited address

Use this method to allocate a time-limited address. You can specify time to reserve an address for an operation, once time elapsed – address is ready for a new reservation

💸 Why?

As you noticed in gas pump costs: first deposit to the receive address is more expensive then the second and subsequent deposits, therefore, it's expedient to allocate single address multiple times for different users.


import { Blockchain } from "@curra/sdk";

// interface is same as in curra.createAddresses() method
const addresses = await curra.allocateRotatingAddresses({
	blockchains: [Blockchain.ETHEREUM],
	uniqueId: "i'm unique", // optional unique id, default: none
	meta: "my user id?", // custom data can be linked to the address, will be included in  incomes webhooks, default: none
	time: 1000 * 60 * 60, // millis, default: 48 hours


path: /addresses/time-limited
method: POST

Method reference coming soon!